Monday, September 27, 2010

Running Log - Sunday, 9/26/2010

Distance: 2 miles
Shoes: barefoot
Yesterday was only okay. I got up early out of habit, threw on my shorts and went out the door. The problem is that it was in the 60s and still damp from the rain we got this weekend. My 5 minute warmup walk didn't live up to its name. It took me about a mile of running before my feet felt warmed up and were used to the ground temperature.

On the bright side, I finished 2 miles (PR) without any major problems. I tried to focus on landing more on the front of my foot, but it actually caused a little bit of abrasion on my right foot (no blisters though). I guess I shouldn't have tried to change what was already working.

Next time it's this cold I'll remember to wear a shirt.

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  1. I love that you are sharing your log. Sometimes it feels as if I am stuck in one place. But writing about it allows me to see the progress more clearly.

    Yay for personal bests!