Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blog<Game> Now an Open Source Project

In my last post about the game I've been working on, I gave a very high-level overview of what I thought the game would be like. About a week later, I ran into an issue and didn't work on it again until this weekend. I managed to get a lot done, even if some of it was just project management stuff.

Google Code

The most important thing I did this weekend was to move the project over to Google Code. It's Google's open-source project hosting site. The fear of my hard drive suddenly imploding is what precipitated this change, but if anyone is interested in contributing, that is now an actual possibility.

The project page can be found here. There are instructions for setting up your environment here. If you would like to contribute, just let me know (either by commenting on the blog, or through email).

The Other Stuff

The google code thing was important, but quick. I spent most of the weekend working on the following:
  • Integrate JInput for keyboard and mouse support.
  • Clean up project so that it has a modular structure.
  • Fix Maven build files so that the project can integrate nicely with Eclipse, and can be built on a variety of platforms.
Unfortunately, only one of these things has an accompanying video, so here is Keyboard and Mouse Input. Sorry it's not very exciting.

That's it! If you have any questions or comments about the game, feel free to leave me a message in the comments.

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  1. Hey Kyle, I just think this is so cool! I know nothing about video games, and certainly not the process of creating one, but I am excited to see you working on it!