Sunday, August 15, 2010

Blog<WIP> More Old Blender Stuff

Well, my Blender phase is winding down since the game is picking up my attention again. When I was at the height of it, I made this: a sort of lily thing

I didn't like the way the texture on the petals were repeating, so I re-did it a little.

I also went back through some of my older stuff came across some animations that I thought were interesting.

This is a test animation for a robotic foot:

This is a weird Tube thing in black and white.

And here it is again, with different lighting and texturing.

A test of Blender's ray-tracing

A family logo thing

That's all for this time. I think I'm done with Blender for a little while, but at some point I'll probably start using it to create in-game assets, a much different kind of work.


  1. I want the logo.

    Also, the color tube thing is rad.

  2. It's yours if you want it. I can also send you the .avi file if you want.

  3. The flower is a lotus blossom...very Zen. The first tube starts out looking like a worm hole, stars, then goo, then water - a wave. That was so cool!

    The logo is seeing your name on the big screen : )

    I cannot wait to see your game Kyle!

  4. Now I just need a place to PUT it.