Monday, October 11, 2010

Running Log - Monday, 10/11/2010

Distance: 1 mile
Shoes: barefoot
I haven't updated in a while, but I've been running. I've decided to save the run logs for the days that are especially good (or bad). Or for days where something noteworthy happens.

I'm trying to increase the frequency of my runs, and so I'm backing off the distance a little. I went for a nice and easy 1 mile run tonight after about 30 minutes of strength training at home (push-ups, core exercises, bicep curls, tricep extensions, and military press). I might have found a way to get out of the gym for good. :)

Anyway, the run felt nice and easy. I may have had a revelation with regards to up and down movement. I initially thought that any vertical motion was bad, but after I thought about it, you need a little downward motion for shock absorption and then you need a little upward motion to get back to where you started. I transitioned to a slightly springy step for the second half of the run, and it was surprisingly light and easy. I'll try it again for my run tomorrow night.

Feet felt fine, but then again, it was only a mile.


  1. Good to see you post again, Kyle. Do you have weights at home, or what are you using for biceps, triceps, and military press?

  2. I've just been stuffing heavy things into my gym bag (shoes, a gallon jug of water, etc...). The only exercise that it's not ideal for is military press because it's not rigid. My hope is that I'm engaging a bunch of stabilizer muscles.