Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I'm just going to get the standard first post over with: This is the first of (hopefully) many updates about the things I find interesting. Everybody says that for their first one, before they fall of the face of the earth. Hopefully there will be more text to read for anyone viewing this blog 6 months from now, but if not, this post should be pretty humorous.

Now that we have that out of the way, let's get started with some Q&A. These are the questions that I think you, a complete stranger (and in all likelihood, an imaginary person), would like to ask about me:

So, who the hell are you?

My name is Kyle Sweeney, and I live and work in the DFW metroplex. I am married to the smartest woman I know (smarter than any man I know for that matter). I have two lazy cats, and two crazy dogs. I am an employee of Valtech, which is a consulting company that primarily focuses on agile software development and agile training. My primary responsibility there is creating kick-ass web applications. I don't know how to write without overusing parentheses (as you could probably already tell.) For the rest, you'll just have to keep reading.

So, what is your favorite beer?

This seems like a pretty good second question for getting to know someone. I'm a wheat beer kinda guy, and my favorite is Franconia Wheat. It comes from a local brewery in McKinny, TX, and is my beer of choice whenever I can find it in a Dallas bar.

So, what the hell does Blog<T> mean anyway?

I'm terrible at explaining programming concepts to people without programming experience, but I'll try my hand at it anyway (in other words, feel free to skip this paragraph.) In most programming languages, it is possible to create a type of object that is too generic to live on its own. This object is a framework or a template that requires another type of object in order to fully define what it is. For instance, if you have a list, it probably won't be too useful without knowing what types of things you can put in it. In a language like Java, you would say List<T> is a list that is parameterized by the type T, which can be whatever you want. When you want to use the list, you have to say what it can contain (what the T is), so List<Person> is a list of Person objects. You can probably guess what a List<Thing> or a List<List<Product>> is.

If you don't understand what any of that means, it's just a really long way of saying that Blog<T> is a blog about... anything. Whatever I happen to find interesting at the moment. Expect posts about programming, working out, relaxing, video games, and everything else.

See you next time.


  1. Oh crap. Another real writer is reading my poorly articulated words. I hope you know how intimidating this is.

    Also, Blue Moon is my backup beer, which is good because it's basically served everywhere.